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Success Elementary School

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Success,  Missouri is located at the junction of  North Highway 17-

16 miles from Houston, Missouri and the junction of West Highway 32-

17 miles from Licking, Missouri and 7 miles Southeast of Roby on

Highway 17.

Old Success which is located about a mile north of present day Success is

said to have had two or three hundred persons living there at one time. Now

overgrown with little remains to hint of a once bustling community.  Old

Success was first known as Hastings.  The new Hastings Community found

another Hastings in Missouri, so three leading citizens, Braz Langley, Huff

Cardwell, and Dr. William Neal formed a business of general merchandising

and decided to name the town Success because they wanted the business to

be successful.

Because of lack of job opportunities and  other things, the population of

Old Success began to decline.  Highway 17 was rerouted in th 1930's and

another town was located at the junctions of Highways 17 and 32.

With the new 17 an incentive for growth, an enterprising Dr. R. B. Lynch

asked postmaster, C. T. Smith to move his post office to the new Wye City.

For some reason the name of Wye City did not "catch on" and the location

of this new post office and town was also called Success.

Taken from  "Texas County Heritage" - stories submitted by Margarette

          Wohlwend and Neva Smith

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