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Free Web Page Editors

Maybe you've been thinking you'd like to have your own Website on the Internet, either a personal page or site or a website for your business, organization, or church. But at the same time, you've wondered just how to do it. Well, at a bare minimum, you need a means of connecting to the Internet, you need to either know HTML or use a WYSIWYG-type HTML editor, you need a Web hosting account, either with your Internet provider or with a free hosting provider, such as Angelfire, Geocities, or Tripod, and an FTP program in order to upload your Web pages.

Well, The Free Country has an extensive listing of pretty much all known free HTML editors out there, including some WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) ones that are as simple to use as a word processor in that you don't even need to know HTML in order to use them.

However, you will need to make sure you know just what you can do or cannot do with your Web hosting space. While it's easy to find a free host for personal Web pages, you will likely have to pay a monthly or yearly fee in order to host a Website for your business (TRAIN, by the way, is prohibited from allowing commercial pages on their Web servers). Although you can find free Web hosts for your business, you will probably have to deal with banner ads or popup ads appearing every time someone visits your site.