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FREE Office Suite!

Anyone who has had their own personal computer for any length of time knows just how essential it is to have, depending on their needs, a word-processing program, or possibly an entire office suite that includes not only a word processor but also a spreadsheet, a database, and a slide show generation program. But when you're talking about Microsoft Office, which has become the most popular office suite in the world...well, you have to shell out some money for the thing. And any way you slice it, you'll have to pay possibly as much as $500 just for a complete version of office.

But thankfully, there is a free alternative to this called OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice.org recently released version 2 of their office suite, which, in terms of features, brings it up to being roughly on par with the features of Microsoft Office 2000, making it more than adequate for almost any word processing, spreadsheet, or slide presentation need you can think of, without having to pay one red cent for it. Also, if you need to share documents with anyone still using Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org can save your files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats as well as its own file formats, and more.

Cost, however, is far from the only reason to use OpenOffice.org. Jem Berkes has mentioned several other worthwhile reasons as well.

If you're convinced that OpenOffice.org is for you, it's just a free download away. Not only does it run under Windows, but it's also available for Macintosh or Linux as well. If you're a dialup user, please bear in mind that OpenOffice.org takes approximately six hours to download over a dialup connection, but it's worth the wait.