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Raymondville's Background & History

First of all, there is very little recorded history about Raymondville. In fact, all of the information here came from the old version of this site! Anyone at all who can contribute information about Raymondville's history is by all means encouraged to do so, and it will be greatly appreciated! :-) Just send an E-mail with any such relevant information, and it will gladly be added to this page as soon as possible.

Raymondville was named by Joseph Noel Brackette for his old home in Raymond, ME. Raymondville has had a post office since 1876, yet the town of Raymondville was not officially incorporated until August 11, 1941. Raymondville's main industries are the wood industry and farming. The wood industry has played a major role in Raymondville's livelihood for many years. It was for this reason that, at the 1976 Raymondville Booster Club Annual Picnic, Raymondville was officially given the nickname "Timber Town, USA". Raymondville's wood industry is also the inspiration for the woodtone look and feel of this site. The wood industry is still very much alive and well in Raymondville in the form of a charcoal plant, a pallet mill, a wood treating plant, and several sawmills, most of which are family-owned operations that have been in business for several generations. Farming is another very popular area industry, with several beef and dairy farms in and around Raymondville.

Other key players in Raymondville's history include Frank and Mollie Vollmar. They came from Germany and donated land for the old Raymondville School, which is located just north of town (not the present-day one, as I have been corrected on this -- special thanks to Kay Mattson, one of Frank and Mollie's granddaughters, of House Springs, MO for the correction on this!) as well as a cemetery. They also owned a drug store, a grocery store, and other businesses in Raymondville. To this day, the Vollmar name is still very well-known around Raymondville, and they have given us a proud heritage indeed. Other people who played a part in Raymondville's founding include W. F. Trail and Stonewall Jackson Trail, both of whom are buried in Allen Cemetery just outside of Raymondville.

If you have any other information you can contribute to this page regarding Raymondville's history, I'd love to hear from you!

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