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  Texas County Rural Area Information Network

TRAIN provides wireless broadband using two propitiatory wireless technologies. TRAIN Long Range has a range of up to 20 miles if there are no obstructions and the ability to penetrate trees and other obstructions at shorter distances. TRAIN Short Range provides higher speeds but has a maximum range of about 6 miles and does not penetrate trees or other obstrustions even at close range. Please call or come buy to find out which service is available at your location.

TRAIN Long Range monthly rates:
256kbps down / 256kbps up $30.00
768kbps down / 256kbps up $50.00

TRAIN Short Range monthly rates:
1Mbps down / 512kbps up $30.00
2Mbps down / 512kbps up $40.00

Service area Houston North Water Tower (click for larger image):

Service area Houston South Water Tower (click for larger image)
Houston South

Service area Highway 38 and 17 Water Tower - Bucyrus (click for larger image):


Service area McKinney Road Tower - Yukon (click for larger image)


Service area E Highway Tower - North of Houston (click for larger image)


Service area Raymondville (click for larger image)
Service Area Raymondville

Service area Roby (click for larger image)


Service Area South of Licking (click for larger image)



Service Area Licking School Road Tower (click for larger image)

School Road, Licking