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  Texas County Rural Area Information Network Serving Texas County since 1997

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The TRAIN board of Directors is passing Texas County's  rural Internet torch to Intercounty Electric.

Texas County Rural Area Information Network (TRAIN) first brought dial-up internet service to Texas County in 1997 through a state grant aimed at targeting areas that didn’t have access to the Internet. Just over 10 years later, TRAIN charted new territory in bringing broadband services to Raymondville and wireless, high-speed internet options to Texas County. Today, TRAIN has the opportunity to once again improve and expand services to rural communities.

TRAIN’s board of directors has been working on an agreement with IECA’s (Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association) board of directors to allow a subsidiary of IECA to assume operation of TRAIN’s services.

TRAIN customers should not fret over the upcoming transition.  The two organizations are working together to ensure affordable internet, improved service and reliable support remain a priority. There will not be any rate changes for existing TRAIN customers; however, additional service options and pricing structures may be offered by IECA in the future. IECA has the infrastructure, workforce and civil resources to greatly improve and expand services currently being offered by TRAIN, which is why the board of directors has agreed to pass the torch to IECA. Both organizations have the same goal in mind — to improve existing service and make it available to many more people who are in need of affordable, high-speed internet services.

IECA has the resources and desire to improve and eventually expand service to their 10-county territory, and TRAIN employees have the knowledge and experience needed to attain such a goal. This is why TRAIN’s employees will be joining the IECA team. Additionally, TRAIN’s board of directors will continue to serve the Texas County area by overseeing the proceeds of the sale, with the intent to keep the funds local through scholarships or other nonprofit efforts.

We appreciate our customers’ commitment to the organization over the past 20 years, and know you are all in good hands with IECA. We are also excited to see the knowledge and experience at TRAIN team up with the resources and growth opportunity at IECA.  

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